First and foremost, it’s important for you to realize that your company can never be too small to experience a catastrophic IT disaster. In truth, there are two facts about being a small- to medium-sized organization that make you especially at risk for a catastrophic IT failure:

  1. Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often victims of IT hackers because they are easy targets, usually having fewer and less sophisticated security solutions in place.
  2. SMBs also tend to have no or rudimentary data backups and business continuity technology in place which puts them at greater risk of significant downtime or data loss.

You read that correctly. When we say catastrophic IT failure, visions of natural disaster grandeur may be floating in your mind. Hurricanes wiping out entire buildings. Earthquakes bringing offices crumbling to the ground. And in our northwestern state, tornadoes and snow storms are likely candidates.

But those types of natural disasters – while important to protect against in some areas of the country – are few and far between. The truth behind catastrophic IT failure is that data loss, downtime and security breaches are the real IT disasters bringing companies to their knees.

The consequences of data loss, downtime and security breaches can be devastating – hence, the reason we call them catastrophic. One company came to us after losing six weeks of data because they hadn’t properly backed up their systems. They then had to manually recover the files which took months to complete. The cost for repairs and recovery plus productivity loss that ensued cost the company a great deal.

We have talked previously about the value in having a true IT partner, and the topic of catastrophic IT failure ties in directly. All of these significant IT events – data loss, downtime and security breaches – can be prevented by having the right technology infrastructure in place. That’s definitely something you can attempt to tackle on your own internally. You also could try to work with a low-cost IT provider to better protect your organization, but unfortunately, there would be no guarantee your data is safe. (Hint: it’s not in a low-cost provider’s best interest to provide preventative IT solutions.)

At KLH, we work closely with all of our clients to ensure data loss, downtime and security breaches do not impact their organizations. Here is a simple breakdown of the 4-step process we go through with all clients to keep them protected from catastrophic IT failure:

  1. We start with a conversation around how long you’re comfortable being down in the event a disaster were to occur
  2. We then select and implement the proper backups solution
  3. That is followed by making sure the best security solution is in place, tested and running
  4. Finally, we make sure that all infrastructure is stable and working together as they should

For our clients, there are three things they really care about: reliability, recoverability and security. Without any of those three, your company is at risk for downtime, data loss or a security breach. Any of these three catastrophic IT failures can wreak havoc on your organization – sometimes even shutting your doors forever.

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