Business and technology have become so interdependent that it is difficult to analyze each independently.  This becomes apparent when determining where to invest in order to grow your business.  Many times, the simple age of your technology and computers will drive your decision.  Compatibility, warranties and support eventually drive all businesses to make changes.  But, there are also the times when your current technology is relatively fresh but it’s not meeting your business needs or helping you meet your business goals.

Signs you need to add to your technology so you can grow your business

You’re stuck working from a specific location

There are way too many cost-effective solutions available that will allow you to work from any place with an internet connection.  Obviously, different options have different features and different price points.  But don’t be afraid explore your options.  If you’re tethered to your desk, you are not using the right technology.

Your technology fails to grow with you

After some shaky years for many businesses, things are looking better and providing opportunities for growth. But as your business grows, can your technology grow with you?  Or, do you feel like you will need to rip it all out and start over?  If you feel like you need to start over, you’re not investing in the right solutions.

Your technology decisions are based on cheap and easy

Nothing worth doing is easy and nothing in life is free (or cheap).  Many business owners make their technology decisions based only on price.  While there are certain times in life that cheap is good, the technology that runs your business isn’t one of them.  Your technology and computers help drive your business, go for the right option, not the cheapest one.

And, don’t go with the easiest solution.  That doesn’t qualify it as the right solution.  Just do your research and rely on a trustworthy technology professional to help guide you.  Sometimes the right technology can be inexpensive and sometimes it can be easy, but it is never both.  If you have cheap and easy, start looking for a new solution now because it will never keep up with you.


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