Warranties are an essential part of purchasing almost anything. You buy a new refrigerator and it breaks down; a warranty will cover the repair. You buy a faulty suitcase; a warranty allows you to bring it back for a new one.

Warranties for your IT hardware operate much the same way as they protect your business from expensive repairs and extended downtime.

With everything required of you in running your business, it’s likely that you don’t have time to track the warranties on all of your technology equipment. KLH employs three systems to track your IT hardware in various ways. From warranty expiration dates to replacement dates, KLH monitors your equipment so you aren’t left with unprotected hardware or lengthy unexpected downtime due to broken down systems.

KLH monitors warranties, replacement schedules and software updates for clients. Physical inspections of hardware give us the information needed to determine when the piece will need replaced and when the warranty expires. KLH is notified of warranty expirations 120 days prior to expiration and clients are made aware of expiring warranties regularly so there are no surprises to the IT budget.

Hardware Maintenance and Warranty Recommendations

Replace hardware on a set schedule

Your main IT equipment such as servers, firewalls, switches and UPS units need to be on a replacement schedule to ensure optimal operations for your business. These are the rotations KLH recommends:

Firewalls and switches……………. Every 3 to 4 years

UPS Battery……………………………. Year 3

UPS Unit…………………………………. Year 6

Servers……………………………………. Every 3 to 7 years


After warranties have expired, whether on a server or other equipment, getting replacement parts is very difficult and can mean lots of downtime for your company.

Choose extended warranties wisely

In general, if the equipment affects only an individual person and not the entire organization, an extended warranty is not worth it. This applies to computers and laptops.

Equipment that can bring the entire organization to a halt, however, need to be warrantied as long as the manufacturer will allow. Servers, UPS units and firewalls all fall into this category.

Software Update Recommendations

We do not recommend setting software to automatically update or to update on your own. A managed services provider has specific qualifications to ensure your software updates are as seamless and trouble-free as possible.

In general, KLH recommends waiting to upgrade software until it has been released for at least 30-60 days. New upgrades come with problems that usually are ironed out after 60 days and your MSP will be able to integrate the update with your existing processes with minimal to no downtime.