Because technology is essential to today’s business world, Twin Cities organizations rely upon IT professionals to keep their production on track. Area companies need the best advice and service to ensure systems are maintained, secure and effective. Unfortunately, not all Twin Cities IT support providers are looking out for their clients. Instead they are looking out for themselves.

Because there’s no required certification or test to ensure the competency of IT providers, we’ve put together this list of 10 ways to know if your Twin Cities based IT provider isn’t doing their job.

1. You’re not getting answers that make sense. Instead of answering in plain English, your IT provider answers with a lot of technical mumbo jumbo.

2. No information is being provided about what’s happening with your network and why it’s happening.

3. You’re not getting any advice about business planning and budget from a technical perspective.

4. You get sent to voice mail and almost never talk to a live person when you call.

5. Your IT provider just responds to problems and isn’t proactive about maintaining the network to minimize issues.

6. Issues can’t be fixed remotely; the provider must come on site to repair issues.

7. You don’t receive regular, monthly reports regarding what type of support has been provided over the last 30 days.

8. You don’t possess documentation for your network.

9. Data restoration tests aren’t being done regularly – or at all.

10. You’re on your own with other vendors who provide products or services such as printers or internet that are connected to your network.

At KLH, we offer a full team of professionals to serve clients. From engineers and account managers to a virtual CIO and superb help desk staff, we proactively manage your IT systems. Here’s how one of our clients describes our services:

“I was very nervous about changing IT vendors. I wasn’t happy with my current vendor, but at least I knew what to expect, or not to expect, as we’d been with them for about eight years. Unfortunately, I also knew I’d have to micromanage problems, even though we paid them a good deal of money. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to switch to KLH and have never regretted it. I trust them to proactively manage our systems. We have had very little down time, if any, since they have taken over. I trust that Scott and the team are looking out for us, not just looking for their money to come rolling in each month. Our tech has relayed information to me that I had not been aware of the past, and this type of proactive communications helps me better manage my onsite people and not have to run to KLH with every little thing that comes up.” – Brenda Marschall, Assistant Controller, McCaren Designs, Inc.

If you want more from an IT provider, contact us for information about our IT managed services.