future of the cloudOne of the great things about IT is there is always change.  That is also one of the worst things about IT.  The idea of keeping up with everything in IT is enough to give even the most enthusiastic techie an anxiety attack.  At one point or another all of us have looked at a particular product, solutions or service, and realized it will be changed, modified, updated and/or improved within 6 months.  The Cloud is no different.

The general consensus is very few companies will ever have all their data and programs in the public Cloud.  However, many (if not most) will have something in the public cloud.  Many more, even small and mid-size businesses will and do have a private cloud in place to give themselves the benefits of the Cloud while maintaining strict control.

Lately, the conversation has turned to what the Cloud will look like as we move forward.  Some people believe the Cloud as we know it today will completely die as a transition to edge computing grows.  Others believe the public Cloud is here to stay, with the expected modifications to the services and products offered.

Here are two articles with competing points of view.  I can’t and won’t say either is right or wrong, but I will say both have very interesting points.

Cloud Computing:  10 Ways it Will Change by 2020

Cloud Will Go Away

Personally, I’m betting some form of the Cloud will be around for a long time.  But regardless of what the future holds for the Cloud, it will be an interesting ride.