Sophos Intercept X

With the ever-evolving threats that thrive all over the Internet, data and program protection should be automatic. Online threats such as Malware and Ransomware are constantly changing and they are finding ways to adapt with the system and penetrate to abuse important files. Sophos understands the urgency and has released a new product called Intercept X. Intercept X’s new approach to file scanning is a more streamlined method through advanced detection and prevention of threats that come through to the computer and stop them from doing anything at all to the system. Intercept X is equipped with multiple layers of technology which are tailored for next-generation computer security solutions.

The software uses a unique mechanism called Anti-exploit technology preventing potential threats by recognizing threat tendencies and blocking them in order to protect the computers. It not only cleans up malware, it can also analyze it and revert everything that it did to the computer.
In terms of Ransomware detection capabilities, Intercept X uses Cryptoguard technology to detect sets of data that induce consistent malicious activities and eventually prevent them from entering the system. In the event of file abuse that even has trusted content, Intercept X can return them back to their original state in the background – meaning it can work and perform even without notifying the user or the IT personnel. This means that it can run without any interruption and perform seamlessly with ease.

Intercept X not only does Malware

Intercept X not only does Malware and Ransomware detection and prevention, it can also provide an in-depth analysis on how a threat performs and suggests certain actions to help prevent another attack or disruption to the system. Its root-cause analysis feature provides a detailed list of activities and events that start from the first detection and go all the way up to the detected threat. This way, you can review each event and study appropriately.

The traditional security offered by anti-virus software is enhanced with Intercept X and is not intended to be replaced by it. These traditional solutions don’t block vectors, but Intercept X can and will eliminate these attack vectors before they can start to affect the system.
All in all, Sophos has done it again and is out to set a trend in Malware and Ransomware detection and prevention. Its unique concept provides hassle free performance as it can work in the background and will not affect user’s activities. Intercept X supports Windows 7 and above platforms and can work in both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

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