While small- and mid-size businesses often don’t have the luxury of a full-time IT security team, they still face the same threats as large corporations. So, how do owners of small businesses protect themselves without bankrupting the company? Like a lot of other things in life – we recommend they follow the 80/20 rule.

In general, customers of small businesses expect the same level of protection of their personal and financial information as do customers of large enterprises.

Here’s How to Protect Your Data

Secure a basic understanding of where the most important data is held

Determine who can access important data and how the data is backed up. Once this information is in hand, educated decisions can be made about whether any changes need to be made to meet the appropriate security level.

Automate the backup process

Bad things DO happen to good businesses. Floods, fires, theft, viruses and hardware failure can all lead to crippling data loss. Automate the backup process and send the data offsite so multiple copies are kept in multiple locations.

Train employees

Provide employees ongoing training about IT security, specifically social engineering and cyber-attacks. Teach them what is happening today in these area so they don’t become victims. The more knowledge your employees have, the more they can help you protect your business and its customers.

Complete simple security measures

Do the basics! This means installing a firewall, keep patches and updates current, keep anti-virus current and encrypt any data that leaves the office.

Destroy old computers and hard drives

Search and destroy. Gather all old computers and hard drives, then have them shredded. Make sure you get a Certificate of Destruction for each hard drive.

Develop and enforce policies

Think big but act small. Develop acceptable use policies and security policies for all things IT related. Have your employees read them, sign them and hold them accountable for the content. There should be penalties for non-compliance and above all, enforce the policies uniformly for everyone!

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