Due to COVID-19 outbreak, companies have asked their employees to work remotely. Many have never worked from home before and companies are struggling to acquire and set up the proper equipment for the entire organization. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this situation by targeting these numerous unsecured systems. According to Shred-It’s 2018 State of the Industry Report, 86% of business executives believe remote workers increase a company’s chances for a data security breach. Devices that are used remotely have an increased risk of being compromised by cybercriminals. According to a survey conducted by Cisco and marketing research firm, Insight Express, 46% of employees admitted to transferring files between work and personal computers while working remotely. This high risk behavior not only puts an individual’s personal data at stake, but also puts the company’s data. As a business, it is imperative that proper steps are taken to secure your employees’ data and privacy, along with protecting your company’s sensitive information.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should make an effort to provide separate devices for work to your employees.

1. To Ensure Data and Information Security

When your employees use same device for both professional and personal purposes, it creates a situation where if that device that becomes compromised, it could breach the company’s data as well as the employee’s. The amount of cyberattacks such as phishing and malware has skyrocketed amidst the pandemic because the perpetrators know that many companies haven’t been able to fully implement cybersecurity resources, leaving information that would normally be secured now vulnerable on a personal device.

2. It May Help Your Employees Get into the Right Mindset

With the world shifting to working from home it can be more difficult to separate work from personal life. When it comes to keeping a healthy balance between work and personal life, providing separate work devices to your employees can play a major role. When employees use their personal devices also for work, they may have a harder time staying productive. They may feel like checking their personal emails, SMS, and social media while working or simply have a harder time focusing. On the flip side of this, they may also become workaholics because it can be difficult to take time away from work when their home is now also their office.

3.To Maintain Rights to Privacy

Many companies have elected to use various forms of monitoring software to ensure employees are staying productive and safe online. While it may feel strange, it is reasonable on devices that belong to the company as they need to ensure their data is secured. However, some companies have asked their employees to install monitoring software on their personal devices. Concerns have been raised over the intrusiveness of this as it forces employees to provide not only their employer access to their private device, but possibly the company of the monitoring software as well.

While separating devices for work and home life is ideal, it may be difficult to achieve due to budget restraints and mass laptop shortages. Here are some of the steps your business can take to secure its sensitive information and data in the meantime.

1. Providing Your Employees Cybersecurity Training

Employees are the most crucial asset of any company and they play a major role in the cybersecurity of your business. There have been a number of cases of employees opening phishing emails and installing malware in organizational systems unknowingly. Cyber-security training for employees is more important than ever for any organization, no matter how small or large, because employees need to be able to identify and avoid cyberattacks.

2. Install the Latest Firewall Solutions

It’s imperative to make sure to latest firewall solutions are installed on all company devices. While firewalls don’t prevent all cyberattacks, they help keep your network safe by preventing employees from accessing potentially dangerous websites.   

3. Use a High Speed VPN

There are many VPN softwares that can make a person a virtual “ghost” online. Choosing a dedicated high speed VPN to stay anonymous prevents leaving organizational digital traces.

4. Stay State-of-the-Art

Updating all of your organizational IOT (internet of things) devices such laptops, tablets and smart phones ensures that the latest security updates are installed. As the COVID-19 circumstances intensify, setting up device best practices will assist in creating a reliable and secure network from home.

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