Software used to monitor employees from a remote area outside the company can be used to put management at ease, but is it ethical to monitor employees? Short answer; it can be. In order for any monitoring software to be ethical, it must only be installed on company devices and not on employees’ personal devices.

Why should monitoring software be installed on company devices rather than employees’ personal devices?

  • Some organizations such as businesses and government contractors handle sensitive medical, financial, personal client information. Using company devices rather than employees’ personal devices ensures that privacy rules are complied with while monitoring employees remotely.
  • Installing monitoring software on employees’ personal devices causes negative perceptions among employees due to peering into their personal time and online activities by managers.

When employees working from home know that the time spent working is being tracked, they could become more accountable to their productivity, however, some may see this as management having little trust in employees as they work from home. It is reasonable to feel uncomfortable with the idea of being monitored at home, but there are minimally invasive software options out there that employees and management may be mutually comfortable with. One software option is Time Doctor.

Time Doctor is very useful to companies because it ensures that the management team is able to monitor the productivity of remote employees and the employees can also see what information the software is collecting. Having Time Doctor installed on company devices can remove negative employees’ perceptions of monitoring by giving them complete traceability and visibility into their activities.

How Time Doctor Works

Although most remote working software are complicated to use, this is not the case with Time Doctor. All that an employee has to do is start the timer before starting a task and stop the timer after completing the task.

Time Doctor records the sites accessed during working time and calculates the time spent working. Because of superior features of Time Doctor, employees cannot fake working hours despite having the power to control the starting and stopping working times.

Apart from tracking working hours and sites accessed by employees, Time Doctor keeps track of the working locations in default whether the devices are on or off. Location tracking can be turned off by disabling location services in the device settings.

Benefits of Time Doctor Monitoring Software

Time Doctor monitoring software enables managers to sort applications installed on various remove devices. By sorting them into unproductive and productive applications, managers are able to break down productivity across departments and individual employees working remotely.

With Time Doctor, managers can:

  • Monitor time spent working on tasks remotely
  • Sites being visited by employees
  • Employee attendance
  • Client billable hours

Time Doctor monitoring application shown great flexibility in monitoring employees working remotely, enforcing data security protocols, thus, maximizing worker productivity.

Things To Be Aware Of When Monitoring

When using monitoring software, it is important to configure the system in a way that does not monitor sensitive information. For instance, it may be best to avoid monitoring any HR personal as they have access to private information which could be exposed to someone without the proper authorization.

KLH Can Help

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