Software-Productivity-ToolsPut simply, productivity software tools create information, help your staff accomplish goals, streamline tasks and enable collaboration. Almost everything your team uses to “get the job done” – from creating documents and presentations to tracking time and organizing ideas on a central location – are productivity tools. While you may not often think about these applications, they frequently are the tools that set your business up for success.

Think about it this way: productivity tools allow your staff to do more without having to hire more workers, and it can make all the difference in your competitiveness.

Productivity Software Tools to Consider

There are a ton of different productivity tools out there. Application development is happening at exponential rates with Tech Startups climbing onto the virtual train every day. It can feel impossible to know which app to turn to when you want to boost your tech toolkit.

Surprise! (Not really!) This list is here to help clear out the clutter and point you toward our favorite productivity software applications.

Microsoft’s Office 365 has a number of these productivity enhancements pre-built into their available applications. For instance, Teams is a group chat software that enhances chat, virtual meetings, file sharing and collaboration across devices. Microsoft’s Power BI is a powerful suite of analytics tools that distills complex data into clear insights quickly and easily. With customizable personal dashboards, management can utilize data specific to their needs or gain a company-wide snapshot in seconds. Best of all, Office 365 tools are interconnected through SharePoint, the Office 365 “mobile, intangible intranet.”

Check out Trello for another great collaborative project management tool to add to your stack. Its visual design helps keep projects easily organized and is user intuitive. Trello allows your team to build projects online and remotely know what part of the project is being worked on, by whom, and where they are in the process.

Another app we love is Slack, an extremely popular productivity-enhancing application that’s name is actually an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.” Slack tries to offer a one-stop-shop for all things collaboration – including communication channels, search functionality, integrations with other popular software, and enhanced security.

Finally we come to Pocket. This handy tool lets you save virtually anything you find online and want to keep for later viewing. This includes articles, videos, images, social media posts, etc. It is integrated into 1500+ applications, making it easy to store information to whichever device you choose. And best of all, no WiFi connection is required when you want to access your Pocket!

How new (really any) software must fit your stack

As much fun as productivity software apps can be, it’s essential to integrate these tools and apps into your current or future IT stack. If your tools don’t integrate properly, the result will be a fragmented set of applications that create more problems than they solve. Integration is critical, as it drives the agility and quick exchange of data between the different applications. For some of these apps, we often recommend using HPE IT Solutions to bring the necessary flexibility and scalability to your environment and help integrate these solutions into your IT environment more effectively.

It’s also important to make sure that your IT environment can support the new additions. For example, you might need to upgrade your server to accommodate the growing needs of your environment.

KLH can help your business  select and integrate productivity tools that best fit your needs. Contact us today for a consultation on what types of tools will help your business grow.