Email Secure IT
Jul 82019

Email Breaches – 2 Recent Cases and an Important Takeaway

You have great employees. But, when it comes to cybersecurity breaches, they are your greatest vulnerability. You may not realize it, but

Jun 242019

You’ve Been Breached: Now What?

It can happen to anyone – you’ve taken steps to limit your exposure to a cyber incident. You’ve purchased and implemented top-of-the-line

Small business security risks
May 92019

Here’s How KLH Protects Businesses – How Secure are You?

A common misconception among small business owners in Minnesota is that cybercriminals are only interested in Fortune 100 or 500 companies. But

Two-factor authentication frequently asked questions
May 92019

15 Frequently Asked Questions About Two-Factor Authentication

Used by banks, email providers, small businesses and even online gaming platforms, two-factor authentication is becoming a ubiquitous security feature. It’s easy