Businesses and individuals looking for cost effective as well as flexible solutions for virtual desktops will find the new ViewSonic Raspberry Pi 3 Thin Client a perfect choice. The current thin client offers single monitor capability at less than $125.  However, a dual monitor capable version will be available by March 2017.

The Optimized ViewSonic Raspberry Thin Client

The thin client is perfectly optimized for Citrix HDX and VDM which allows for easy updates across the network. The device attaches easily with the VESA ready monitor and consumes minimal energy. Actually it has been touted as the best energy saving gadget. It comes with an eco-friendly system which allows it to consume less than 13W. It is known to use 90% less energy than standard PCs. With this device, users are bound to have huge energy savings and at the same time get maximum performance from the gadget.

Superior Citrix Performance

The new ViewSonic Raspberry Thin Client helps users to achieve superior Citrix performance at an inexpensive cost. It makes virtual computing environment not only alive but also with an experience which will excite the users and deliver the intended results. It delivers an experience which users of desktops and rich media apps enjoy and appreciate for its capacity to deliver the expected outcome.

When it comes to accessing virtual desktops and applications, issues of safety need to be considered. You need to have a system that is protected from unauthorized infiltration; ViewSonic Raspberry Thin Client is designed in such a manner that issues of safety are well considered. It comes as a Citrix ready device as well as with a system which is HDX verified. Such features not only ensure that the system is well secured against specific threats but also ensures speed and convenience to users.

Speed, Safety, And Efficiency

It is a system which is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for operation and at the same time providing speed that will enhance the experience and performance. This feature makes the device a perfect solution for those in the Education sector, small and medium business persons and the enterprise customers.

The convenience and flexibility of the device is also enhanced by the presence of 4 USB ports, giving the users a versatile connection to a number of storage gadgets, and peripherals.