Recurring IT issues are one of the biggest headaches at companies of all sizes. Just ask the makers of Advil, Tylenol and Aspirin and they’ll tell you how much of their own sales are attributed to this very nuisance.

These are the daily hiccups in workflow that keep your employees from working as efficiently as they – and you – would like. Have you ever had a staff member wandering the office looking for a printer they can connect to? Or a person with their hands to their head as they wait for a slow network to catch up to the quick rate of speed they need to work to finish a major project?

And we all take a collective sigh in mutual frustration.

At KLH, we provide our clients with a quick and easy solution to any IT issue, big or small. Every one of our clients is given direct access to their engineer whom they can contact at any time via phone or email. We also staff an expert help desk of local KLH technicians. And finally, we have an online client portal that immediately connects our clients with our engineers.

To help educate Twin Cities’ businesses on the most commonly recurring IT issues, we went straight to the source – our own KLH IT experts. We sat down together and discussed what IT issues come their way most often.

Here’s what our help desk technicians reported as the most commonly recurring IT issues:

Jen Lina, IT Systems Consultant

“Obviously we get a wide variety, but if I had to name top three, I would say ‘my email stopped working’ (usually says need password in the lower right-hand corner of Outlook), ‘a password box keeps popping up in my email’ (usually password expired), or ‘my printer isn’t working.’ Oh, and ‘I need access to this folder.’ So, fine; my top four.”

Kevin Hankel, President/CEO

“Lately the question I hear the most is ‘is this e-mail safe for me to open?’ The answer is usually no.”

Beth Larson, Help Desk Manager

“The top five tickets that I tend to receive are 1) ‘I cannot login to my computer or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure),’ (password reset), 2) general quirkiness – their computer being slow and not acting like it normally does, 3) ‘I clicked on a link on the internet and now there is a page saying my computer is infected,’ 4) ‘I am not able to get to a website,’ (usually a page cannot be displayed or a firewall notification), and 5) VPN not working.”

Sean Scott, Help Desk Technical Support

“If I had to add something it would be general sluggishness or odd things happening with PC’s as a result of not being restarted in over a week. Also, lately there have been issues affecting Windows updates, especially on Windows 10.  But these calls are less common.”

As you can see, the most commonly recurring IT issues tend to be ones that can be easily resolved with the aid of a trusted and responsive IT partner. But if these issues are left alone, productivity can be seriously impacted by not having access to sites, files, or programs needed to get work done.

There are also many security risks that are avoided by utilizing our help desk. Good protocols and training teach your staff to ask questions (like “is this email safe?”) before making risky moves online that could bring down your entire network.

You can contact us at (952) 258-8200 to learn more about reducing downtime, resolving minor IT headaches – without the aid of medicine.