Fighting downtime is a never-ending battle, especially for IT companies whose entire mission in life is to keep downtime at bay. We’ve covered this extensively on our blog – what downtime costshow downtime is considered one of the biggest catastrophic IT failures a company can endure, etc.

Below are the biggest culprits of downtime in 2018:

  • Spectre and Meltdown: If you haven’t heard of Spectre and Meltdown, you need to read up on it now and take the appropriate actions immediately to make sure your company is protected. In essence, the main technology giants – Google, Apple, Micrososft, etc – were all impacted by flaws in an Intel processing chip that exposed all devices to serious security vulnerabilities. Not only have companies had to stop and make sure their devices are patched and secure (if they don’t have an IT partner to manage that for them), but a security breach caused by this vulnerability could cause significant downtime, as well. 
  • Ransomware: While Ransomware has been covered extensively, the fact of the matter remains that Ransomware is still a huge downtime threat to organizations. New Ransomware attacks are being crafted every day by hackers, ie Ransomware in the Cloud. In fact, we recently had a company call us for our services when they realized their data backups were no longer working. Literally during the phone call, they were attacked by Ransomware. They had to pay the fine, they were offline and unable to work for a week (devastating financial loss), and are still trying to recover all of their files. 
  • The Dark Web: The Dark Web is essentially the underworld of the internet. It’s where the ghouls and goblins thrive, and where stolen data goes to be bought and sold. One big Dark Web threat is the collection and storage of personal logins. Without ever knowing it, you or your staffs’ company usernames and passwords could be available for sale on the Dark Web. Luckily, there are Dark Web servers available to identify which login credentials are for sale. 
  • Standard Tool Inefficiencies: These days, it seems like every tool out there has more functionality than you know what to do with. One of the biggest culprits – and most underutilized tools – is Office 365. From Outlook to Word to Excel to some of the lesser known applications like Teams and SharePoint, inefficiencies around using this common software cause companies tiny sucks of downtime that – when added together – create major productivity loss. 

At KLH, we help clients manage all of the identified downtime risks making headlines in 2018. We use network and hardware monitoring that alerts us to pre-failure warnings. We run antivirus and zero day malware protection to keep our clients’ systems secure. We initiate controller patching to keep all computers and servers up to date. And we regularly perform data backup tests and system checks.

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