ActivTrak is a leading workforce analytics and productivity software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides data-driven insights through intuitive reports and dashboards to improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency. In other words, ActivTrak is a productivity monitoring service for employers. ActivTrak also provides useful metrics to employees and indicates where there could be more efficiency on a regular basis.

While many employees have raised concerns over the ethics of monitoring, ActivTrak only monitors the active window and the movements of the connected mouse and keyboard compared to other monitoring softwares which monitor the entire computer interface. The best way to ethically implement any monitoring software is to provide the employee a company device to use the software on so the employee doesn’t feel like their personal computer is being monitored.

How Does It Work?

ActivTrak collects data with advanced software called The Agent. The Agent monitors the end user’s mouse and keyboard movement in the active window so ActivTrak can generate productivity reports to help employees and employers find where performance can be improved to increase efficiency either remotely or in the office. While offline, The Agent stores data locally and reports it back to the cloud when a secure connection is re-established.

How Does It Use My Data?

Data is collected, immediately encrypted, and sent through a secure channel to a set of backend servers in Google Cloud Platform. All of your collected encrypted data is stored in an individually dedicated ActivTrak Database, optimized to provide lightning-fast search results.

Once the data has been collected by The Agents, it is then turned into easy to use graphical dashboards and reports for management and user analysis. The database aggregates the data exactly the way the user requests to quickly return the results to display. It produces account and team benchmarks to help establish activity and productivity baselines. ActivTrak data analytics enrichment identifies patterns and outliers to derive insights and improvement opportunities. It also dynamically scales to process very large amounts of data quickly, providing quick responses.

How is ActivTrak Configured?

ActivTrak can be installed remotely, locally, through group policy, and through USB or other file storage applications. For a detailed instruction video on installing The Agent, watch this ActivTrak video.

Our expert technicians can configure ActivTrak for your business. For advanced, customized, and remotely installed ActivTrak dashboards, contact KLH at 952-259-8200 or