IT, Cloud Computing, Network ServicesCloud computing has made it easy for small businesses to manage their information technologies. Small businesses do not have to spend huge amounts of money investing in systems such as hardware, networking equipment, and infrastructure among others. They can just have someone provide everything they need and then pay for the usage as they go. With this concept, a business enjoys the benefits provided by readily available software and networks without going through the hassles of installations, upgrading and maintenance. All the computing needs are well taken care of, removing the burden and resting it on the shoulder of an expert, an entity that will ensure there is a smooth flow of services and information. Here is a list of the benefits that small businesses enjoy from computing as a service.

You only pay for what you use

Most of the time, we buy hardware, software and other technological needs but we only use a fraction of these devices and systems. The majority of them are too complex for our companies or might not be necessary at all levels of the operation. For some, if not all, you pay a full price regardless of the volume used. It means that you even pay for what is not needed. With computing as a service, you only get to use what you need and that means that the price paid for the computing is exactly what has been used.

Reduce the operation costs

With owned devices, you are required to budget for purchasing, installing, maintaining, and upgrading everything on a recurring cycle. This also means that you hire a specialist to carry out the above tasks to ensure there is a smooth flow of activities in the business. With this, the operation costs of a business rise but when computing as a service is used, the company offering the services is responsible for providing the equipment needed as well as the support that is required to ensure normal operation. This saves the business a substantial amount of money as it does not have to employ full time resources to make this possible.

Skip the licensing hassle

For most software, you are required to have a license. Typically this requires a one-time purchase plus annual support fees. With computing as services, you can access your software and enjoy its capabilities for a monthly fee. This gives you full rights to complete functionality of the software, plus rights to access the latest version.

Saves on resources and space

You may have heavy technology needs but are limited in terms of resources and space or simply want to make some savings on IT. Infrastructure as a service is what is needed to make this happen. Here the computing as a service vendor will provide all the needed infrastructure so that you will only need to log in to access the services that you need. Unlike other services where you pay the full amount for the infrastructure provided, here the arrangement will most likely be based on the usage, you only pay for the capacity and storage that is needed in your business.
Computing as a service provides an opportunity for small businesses to access the IT facilities and services needed to run their business smoothly. It is an opportunity to for savings as well as increased functionality.