Logos for Milaca and Foley
Oct 212019

Milaca Building Center: From Putting Out Fires to Smart IT Management

Background Foley Fuel and Lumber and Milaca Building Center, a retail hardware and lumber company, operates 2 locations in central Minnesota that

Jun 242019

You’ve Been Breached: Now What?

It can happen to anyone – you’ve taken steps to limit your exposure to a cyber incident. You’ve purchased and implemented top-of-the-line

Business Productivity through Automation
Mar 212019

Increase Your Businesses Productivity with Automation

Everyone has dealt with work assignments that are so repetitive you feel like Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day, doomed to repeat

IT Policy Examples
Jan 222019

Why IT Policies & Standards Matter for Your Business

Technology can make your company more productive and profitable or be the cause of costly IT failure and data breaches. To prevent