Jul 302020

What to Expect and Prepare for as Employees Return to the Office

Most businesse for the past several months have been either closed or switched to remote work. A large amount of organizations have

Is your Business Prepared for Storm Season
Jun 252020

Is your Business Prepared for Storm Season?

Every company knows there is always a risk of system failure. There can be multiple causes of system failure, but a business

Jun 252020

Manage IT Expense through Disruptions

For all firms, a disruption of services can occur at any time due to human error, malware attacks, natural disasters or equipment

Logos for Milaca and Foley
Oct 212019

Milaca Building Center: From Putting Out Fires to Smart IT Management

Background Foley Fuel and Lumber and Milaca Building Center, a retail hardware and lumber company, operates 2 locations in central Minnesota that