Many business owners put off the critical task of upgrading their servers. The technology can be difficult and hard to sort between the different types and models available. But it is imperative that you address server upgrades in a timely manner. Otherwise, your organization risks technology downtime, security risk, or unexpected costs caused by malfunctioning server hardware.

We make sure to uncover your needs for your server, we work with you to make it affordable for your business and we make sure your information will be secure on the new servers. We want to make it a conversation about your business and needs, not a vendor selling you a new product!

Best Practice 1: Have a process for upgrading your server

When making upgrades to technology within your business it can be a somewhat confusing task. You’re the expert in your field and understanding technology is something difficult to sort through.

One way to make upgrading your server easier is to understand the process and breaking it down to smaller, easier steps. Here at KLH we follow a simple 4 step process to keep things easy and manageable for you.

  1. Review your workflow
  2. Review your security requirements
  3. Review if you WANT to move to the cloud and what that may or may not do for you
  4. Review cost analysis of cloud vs on premise

Understanding the steps put in place to upgrade a server will give you, business owner, the piece of mind to begin a difficult process such as this.

Best Practice 2: Consider the cloud with server upgrades

Understanding your business needs allow you to choose the right replacement/upgrade for your company. Some of the details that need to be discovered are choosing between Cloud, Premise or Hybrid servers. This is why it is step 1 of the process stated above.

The business advantage for using the “cloud” is the ability to purchase less hardware. When making upgrades you want to make the right choice for your business and that choice will include pricing.

Best Practice 3: Know the security requirements for server upgrades

When upgrading your servers you want to make sure you’re keeping the security of your information in mind. The trick is that security should always be a concern for your business! A recommended unit would be the Gen10 servers, they can be in the cloud, which is a private cloud the KLH builds, adding more security. When you’re in the public cloud you won’t have control over which servers are being used, leading to a lack in security.

Best Practice 4: Choose the best fit IT provider to help with your server upgrade

While many IT providers will just give you the results/answer, KLH will take you through the whole process to allow you to understand what is going on. We will uncover answers to questions that need to be answered. KLH will then inform you on the right decisions and what the best choices are for you. We are not product pushers and will make sure everything is fit to your goals.

It’s important to speak with your trusted IT partner and determine which investment is appropriate for your organization. You can contact us at (952) 258-8200 to speak with us about new servers and how to make the right choice for your organization.