clientBCS Industrial Solutions was founded in 2003 by Chuck Mattson.  The Fridley, MN-based company is an industrial distributor of abrasive blasting media, parts and equipment, as well as coated and bonded abrasives that are used in manufacturing and fabrication.  In 2014, Mattson sold the firm to Abrasives Incorporated, headquartered in Glen Ullin, ND.  Abrasives Incorporated is the manufacturer of Black Magic coal slag, an abrasives blasting media used in sandblasting.

The merger between BCS Industrial and Abrasives Incorporated was and is a perfect fit for both companies.  With the strong customer and supplier network BCS Industrial has they are able to provide many more opportunities for the existing customers of Abrasives Incorporated. Likewise, now that BCS Industrial is the manufacturer of one of the abrasive blast medias, they are able to approach their customers as the manufacturer and not just a distributor.  This allows the company to offer even better, more comprehensive service to their customers.

BCS Industrial has a strong presence in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa and is known for providing quality products and service to its customers.  Abrasives Incorporated provides a quality abrasives blast media to customers and distributors in North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, with large distributors in Denver, Seattle and throughout Texas.

With 29 employees total between the two locations, the sharing of resources and information is crucial to the success of the company.  “Within the last year we have been working a lot with Kevin Hankel of KLH on upgrading the infrastructure at both locations to bring both offices together.  We recently went live with a virtual server and virtual desktops for our company. By bringing both locations on to one system we can easily share resources and information within the company.  This allows us to work together seamlessly, even though we are 500 miles apart,” said Mark Mattson.

Mark Mattson, the office manager of BCS Industrial has been with the company for 10 years.  As a graduate of the University of MN-Duluth with a major in Marketing and minor in MIS, he has some computer/IT background.  However, partnering with KLH has helped BCS Industrial stay up to date as new technology comes out.  “As BCS Industrial has grown, managing the IT needs of the company became more of a challenge and we knew we needed a partner to help with our growing IT needs.  Partnering with KLH has made my job easier because I know that our IT infrastructure is in good hands.  If I ever have a question I know I can call Kevin at any time,” noted Mattson.