What makes us different from other IT support services? It’s simple.

Running a business is stressful enough. Running a business with an unreliable IT network can be downright unhealthy. That’s where KLH comes in. KLH is IT support done right. Period.

    Why Choose KLH?

    KLH is IT support, plain and simple. We don’t sell phone systems, office furniture or even web development. So we have no ulterior motives. No hidden agendas. We provide IT support in the Twin Cities to ensure IT reliability. The success of your technology department is our only driver. If we see a need for a new piece of equipment or software, we’ll be happy to help you buy it. But you can buy from anyone or anywhere. One last thing; when you work with KLH, the engineers and technicians assigned to your business are accessible to you directly. Around the clock. We live by the standard “Do right by our clients. Do right by our employees. And good things will follow.” That’s what makes KLH different.