In today’s world, remote work is getting more popular day by day. A large number of workers are working remotely either from their homes and often times from their personal devices. While it may be necessary, it can create a dangerous cybersecurity environment that may lead to a devastating breach. 2 things that an SMB can implement to secure its network are a VDI and a hosted phone system.

What is a VDI?

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It’s a technology which establishes a virtual desktop environment for the worker sitting in a remote area. It involves a main server which is segmented into many virtual desktops (virtual computer systems) each of which is remotely used by the worker. All the work is handled over the main server regardless of the personal system/device of the client worker. This means that an employee can use their personal device to access the network in a secured way.

What is a Hosted Phone System?

Most businesses have a telephone system with which they contact their customers. Traditionally, a company buys a full-fledged hardware system that runs the telephone service for the organization. But there is another way of having a telephone service without purchasing such expensive systems. That is a hosted phone system. It’s a modern technology in which a complete telephone system can be obtained without developing a personal telephone environment. This system remains on the cloud and organizations can take advantage of all the telephonic operations in an easy and cheaper way.

How do VDIs and Hosted Phone Systems Help?

VDIs helps minimize security vulnerabilities and securing the environment as it is easier to detect threats when it is managed at a single point and scans itself regularly. There is only a single point where the work is being performed and there are less chances that important data will get leaked or stolen.  Instead of keeping track of individual systems, the scanning is performed only on the main server which makes it easier to avoid security threats.

The other advantages are that VDIs provide a quick disaster recovery in case of system failure. It also appropriate to secure the data of the project or organization. Another very powerful advantage of using VDI is that it provides a great control over different features. For example, an organization can enable or disable copy/paste and attaching devices.

Compared to local systems, hosted phone systems are regarded as more secure and reliable. The data stored on local systems can get corrupted, manipulated or deleted. There are slim chances of data loss with cloud-based environments as they have their own data backup and recovery feature. With the use of a cloud-based system, we get a well-organized and managed environment for data. The cloud also uses encryption mechanisms to keep data secured.

KLH Can Help

With many parties offering VDIs and hosted phone systems it can be time consuming finding the best one for your SMB. KLH can help your business by setting up everything for you to ensure the safety and reliability of your network. Contact us at 952-258-8200 or to find out more.