Business Apps for SMBs

Instead of mindlessly browsing the app store, or reading reviews on Capterra or GetApp, we’ve created a recommended list of our top 10 business apps. There is an app for every repetitive business function from easier ways to track time to improved internal communications. There also are apps that will help any small business owner in Minneapolis and St. Paul grow their business through productivity.

As you start considering the following productivity tools, it’s important to anticipate the compatibility with your existing systems and devices being used or monitored. Your managed services provider can ensure compatibility and confirm you are making a good choice for your needs today and in the future.

There’s an App for That: Business Apps Recommended by KLH

Accounts Payable: an Easier Way to Pay

QuickBooks with ACH is an easy and free way to simplify your payment process. Through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, you’ll move money from one bank account to another. An automatic scheduling feature will save you time each month since you won’t be manually making the disbursements yourself. Plus, you’ll never miss a payment to vendors or employees which is a win-win for everyone.

Clearer Communications: Slack or Skype?

A good communication app will facilitate the flow of information among employees and reduce internal emails. You can achieve this with Slack or Skype.

We’ve highlighted Slack as a productivity tool before, but it is worth mentioning again. Organizations can easily set up channels for specific employees and then share files, data and updates with that team. Other channels can have a broader reach, keeping the entire company connected.

For organizations using Office 365, Skype is the best way to stay connected. Like other tools, it enables you to have virtual meetings, screen share and share documents. But extra capabilities, like drafting and collaborating on a virtual whiteboard and record meetings, make the app stand out from other conferencing or chat solutions.

Employee Monitoring Software

Whether you’re trying to curtail employee use of social media at work or want a better understanding of how long it takes people to complete certain tasks, employee monitoring tools can help.

Popular features include real-time screenshots of employee devices, keystroke recording, activity and time tracking, and email monitoring. But those are not your only options. Work Examiner will let you block certain websites and Hubstaff, has built-in support for payroll and invoicing.

Employee monitoring software can be installed remotely and in stealth mode, as well as before the devices are assigned to employees. If you are considering advanced employee monitoring software, it is highly recommended to partner with an experience managed IT services provider.

Time and Project Management Apps

If you only use Evernote to make grocery lists, you’re missing out on a time management asset. Reminders for tasks can be set, and you can choose to have notifications sent to your phone or email. The app syncs across devices, keeping you on top of your tasks no matter where you are.

When you need a way to manage projects, turn to FunctionFox. Within the platform, you can assign tasks and due dates, set alerts, update a project’s status, track project and employee time, and manage budgets. It contains everything members of your team need to stay on top of developments and meet deadlines.

Simplify Expenses and Make Everyone Smile

It is both difficult and annoying to keep track of physical receipts. Expensify solves this problem because as soon as you get the receipt, you can take a photo and its SmartScan feature will extract the necessary information for your expense report. Expensify is perhaps one of the few apps that both the sales team and accounting departments love and won’t live without.

Expensify also integrates with a number of other apps and tools used by companies and business travelers like Uber, Lyft, QuickBooks, Zenefits, Xero and more.

Securely Send Files

When clients ask for a way to securely send, share and store files we recommend Sharefile. All of your documents can be stored in one place and accessed from any device. Then, using a plugin or the Office 365 integration, you can send encrypted emails. As a result, it is easy for teams to work on projects or share information without worrying about the safety of data.

Master Marketing and Email Automation

Simple and robust, Constant Contact enables you to spend less time on sales and marketing emails without sacrificing quality. There are easy-to-use drag-and-drop templates and features like subject line testing that make your campaigns more effective.

Apps are only one way to make your business more productive. When you’re ready to learn how to use technology to grow your business you can contact us at (952) 258-8200 or online.